Gyroscope (4 November 2007)

On Sunday night, I went to see Gyroscope at Fowler’s Live with Tim. Calling All Cars and Horsell Common opened for them. Here’s some photos of Gyroscope, for anyone that’s interested.




Most of the photos I took didn’t turn out very well. I didn’t use the flash because the photos with flash looked cruddy on the display of Tim’s camera. When I viewed them on my computer, they actually looked a lot clearer than the photos taken without flash. They were just really dark. I think it would’ve been better if I stood closer.

Here’s Gyroscope playing “Fast Girl”:

…and then “Beware Wolf”:

I wish I videoed a few of there older songs (they actually played quite a few!), I didn’t realise how good the sound was going to turn out though.

I was very impressed by them, they really put on a good show. Anyone who hasn’t heard their stuff yet, I definitely recommended their album Sound Shattering Sound, however their newer stuff is still great! Or, if you want to hear some of their stuff for free go here. I hope you like them! 🙂

Change is God.

I took Gala’s advice from Ensure Yourself A Lovely Week With The Help Of The Internet! and joined SARK’s e-letter. I received the first instalment today. Here’s a sneak peak:

Click for larger preview.

This is definitely one of the cutest, thought-provoking things I’ve stumbled across on the Internet lately. I just had to share. I’ll definitely be looking forward to more of SARK’s e-letters!

I got a job interview!

It’s true. I only applied for the job a couple of days ago as well. I really hope I get this, despite it only being a “Christmas casual” position – you never know, I might be given further employment. I hope so. I’m probably going to quit my current job if I get given this one, so it wouldn’t be too good if the hours just stopped coming after the busy period finishes.

I’m currently updating my resume (the application was an online one, so I just need to make sure it’s done by Thursday) and have found this, this and this very handy when it comes to the design of my CV and the content.

I don’t think there was anything particularly wrong with my current design, but I do like to swap it around every now and then. I want my resume to stand out from the rest! I remember a couple of years ago, an ex-friend borrowed my resume because she ‘forgot how to set them out’ and then when I saw the final product (after she had dropped it into countless stores around my area, might I add) it was the spitting image of mine!! Same font, same layout, everything. She’d just changed some of the information – she didn’t even re-word parts of it. I was so disappointed. I didn’t say anything to her though, I just spent hours re-doing mine. Ha. I like to change my resume more frequently these days just in case it’s somehow got into the hands of another copycat!

I need to dress to impress for this one! Did I mention that I really want this job? I’m thinking a button up shirt with a high-waisted skirt, opaque tights and low heels. I really need a hair cut as well, but I doubt that’s going to happen before Thursday so I’m going to have to pin it all back.

Eeee, wish me luck!

Subliminal Advertising

I didn’t watch the Aria’s, but I just flicked over to Media Watch on the ABC and was shocked to see that they were showing evidence of slightly subliminal advertising throughout the Aria’s. I definitely didn’t notice it until they showed the slowed-down replays. Channel 10 even went so far as to call it a ‘creative way of supporting our sponsors’ or something like that. Ha, the media is so sly – stuff like this is illegal, by the way. Here’s a video so you can see an example:

Not cool.

Too much sleep.

I spend way too much time sleeping. Sleep is always so much more appealing to me than going to uni, getting up early to clean my room or any other task I deem tedious (which sometimes is actually quite fun!).

I slept in today and am now about to go to uni three hours later than I originally planned. This isn’t good because I really need to edit my movie, and I still have no idea how to use Final Cut Pro. Hopefully there are some good free tutorials on the Internet!

If I get out of bed tomorrow, I’m going to spend all day at uni and, hopefully, complete this assignment. Gah.

I joined MyBlogLog. I haven’t gone pro, I don’t really know what difference it will make if I continue using the free version. I don’t even really understand that site yet but I do know that if you have an account you can join the Love, Kara community. You should do this! 🙂

I should go to uni. Sigh. I’m going….


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